Mentoring Program: REVEAL Program

All Tufts residents have an official resident advisor, but a mentor is something different. A mentor helps nurture your career by being a role model, a facilitator, and a friend during your residency and beyond. Your advisor may also be your mentor, but these two roles may be filled by two separate people.

The REVEAL Program is offering an optional mentoring program to all residents. The REVEAL Mentoring Program is committed to promoting the professional growth and personal development of residents. This individualized program will provide residents with the opportunity to explore academia and research as a viable and fulfilling career.

What does the REVEAL Resident Mentoring Program entail?

  1. You will be carefully matched with a trained faculty mentor.
  2. You will meet with your mentor and other residents/faculty in the program for an orientation session in the fall.
  3. Ongoing meetings will be arranged between you and your mentor in order to achieve your individual goals.

If you are interested in signing up or getting more information, please contact Lisa Freeman.

For career development training, please see the Tufts CTSI I LEARN site.