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Client with dog being examined for a clinical trial

The Clinical Trials Office provides support for approximately 40 clinical studies each year that typically enroll over 500 participating animals. With an ultimate goal of improving the lives of veterinary patients (and human patients too), better diagnostics and treatments, provide an invaluable service to New England as well as the greater veterinary and human health communities.

While endowment funding and external partnerships assist in sustaining the Clinical Trials Office, continuous fundraising efforts are also required to continue the trials.


The Clinical Trials Office is the only formal trials center in New England that oversees studies in veterinary patients. Given its proximity to the Boston area, a hub of science and technology advancement, it is well-positioned within a unique medicine and science “incubator” to help drive meaningful improvements in the care of people and animals. This effort is supported by a variety of partnerships with biotechnology companies, other veterinary schools and local academic institutions such as Tufts Medical Center, UMass Medical Center, Broad Institute, MIT, Tufts Clinical Translational Science Institute and Jackson Laboratory.


The Clinical Trials Office provides opportunities for interns and residents at hospitals and clinics to be trained in the design, conduct and analysis of studies in veterinary patients. It also serves as a mechanism for interns/residents to interact more closely with industry sponsors and academic partners, representing a truly unique experience that broadens awareness and helps promote greater future participation, supporting a more global impact on veterinary medicine and human health.

Benjamin the boxer participates in a nutrition clinical trial at Foster Hospital for Small Animals


Clinical trials provide a mechanism for the faculty and staff at hospitals and clinics (and their associated partners) to gain further understanding of disease biology and response to innovative treatment approaches. Given the similarities in disease processes across species, this knowledge often helps to advance the care of both veterinary and human patients. Studies performed at the hospitals and clinics have contributed to the development of new treatments for cancer, heart disease, and arthritis, among others.

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Your generosity and support are vital to continuing the important work done by the Clinical Trials Office. To donate, please visit our giving form. On giving form please choose “Clinical Trials Office” under the “Select Area.” Thank you for your generosity in supporting the advancement of medical science for all!