CAPP Programs

Empowering Thoughtful Leaders

Since 1995, CAPP has offered the MS degree in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP). The MS in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) is an intensive, 12–16 month graduate degree program that focuses on human-animal relationships and their implications for policy and community action. While students enter the program with different interests, skills, philosophies, and aspirations, all share a passion for understanding human-animal relationships and promoting the status of animals in society. More than three-fourths of our 170 MAPP graduates occupy positions in government, industry, service, academia, and the non-profit world that demand the knowledge and skills gained in the MAPP program.

Tufts Shelter Medicine Program at Cummings School works with faculty in the Clinical Sciences Department to provide surgical training for veterinary students. Shelter Medicine partners with CAPP to conduct research, education, and service that promote constructive discussion of the human-animal relationship and improve the treatment of animals in society.

CAPP enhances the DVM curriculum through core courses, selectives, electives, and research and service opportunities offered as part of the Animal Welfare, Ethics, and Policy Signature Opportunity and the Shelter Medicine program. The education in ethics and values that we provide at Cummings School uniquely prepares our graduates to take leadership roles in educating their clients, guiding their communities, and shaping policy.