AVM Financial Aid

Note: Financial Aid is not available for AVM Middle School Programs

The Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program has limited funds to provide some degree of financial assistance to families who are considered financially disadvantaged. Assistance is entirely need-based, and we are not able to honor all requests. Typical awards generally range from 20–40% of the tuition cost, and eligible admitted applicants are required to pay their portion of the balance of the remaining tuition.

Please note: AVM admission decisions are made independently of financial aid decisions. Middle school students are not eligible for financial aid.

What is considered a financially disadvantaged background?

An individual from a disadvantaged background is one who comes from a "low-income family or household". Disadvantaged situations are determined by using economic, educational and cultural factors. Other criteria taken into consideration in determining eligibility are family size, income, assets, expenses, and discretionary spending.


Financial aid may be available for qualified high school, college, and adult applicants. Middle school students are not eligible for financial aid.

Our financial aid decisions are based on financial needs. We can only consider financial aid applications that are postmarked by March 1.  Financial aid decisions are made separately from admission decisions. We encourage applicants to research possible local sources of funding and to talk about funding options with guidance counselors.

What is required as proof of income?

Applicants claiming a financially disadvantaged background must provide copies of federal tax returns for themselves, and their parents (if a dependent), and/or their spouse (if applicable).

Application Requirements

All applications for financial aid must be postmarked by March 1. The AVM program is unable to accept incomplete applications or those postmarked after the deadline.

We require the following documentation:

  • AVM Financial Aid Application*
  • Previous year's signed federal income tax forms*
    Previous year's federal income tax forms for parent(s), guardians(s) or student (if applicable) are required.
  • W-2 Forms*
    Previous year's W-2 forms for parent(s)/guardians(s) or student (if applicable).
  • Personal statement
    A short personal statement written by the student explaining why they should be considered for financial aid also needs to be included with the financial aid application. This essay should be no more than 500 words and explain how the rest of the program's tuition will be financed.

*In situations of divorce or separation both the custodial and noncustodial parent must complete and submit separate financial aid applications and supporting documents.

** If you have five consecutive years of financial independence from both parents/guardians, we require a signed and notarized affidavit that you receive no financial assistance from your parents/guardians.

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