Jillian Celatka V24

Jillian Celatka, V24


Ashland, Massachusetts

B.S. Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences; Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Delaware, 2020

Why did you choose to pursue this degree, and why did you choose Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to pursue this degree?

I chose this degree because of my passion for laboratory animal research. Much of our cutting-edge technology in medicine comes from original animal models. It is interesting to be involved in these original studies. Cummings offers a dual degree that is manageable, exciting, and engaging. I cannot thank my mentors enough.

What are your interests and/or experience relative to your program?

My interests lie in the variety of lab animal species. I enjoy working with both large and small animals, my favorites being pigs and rats. Relative to research, I enjoy studies that look at new medical devices. I have experience with some of these studies that went on to be used in human clinical trials.

What are your career goals after completing the program?

I am hoping to complete a lab animal medicine residency at the completion of my program. My ideal location would be a New England city, although I am open to other locations if I am taken there. One day I hope to be an instructor in a lab animal program like the one here at Tufts.