Heart Disease - Treatments

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Heart disease, especially congestive heart failure, can be emotionally difficult and logistically challenging for you as a pet owner. Your pet may need more frequent visits to the veterinarian, multiple medications at different times during the day, and will require you to monitor the response to treatment.

Moreover, the disease itself, as well as medications, may cause your pet to act differently. For example, your dog might need to go outside more often, or your cat might interact differently with family members when pill time arrives.

Owners play an important part in the successful management of dogs and cats with heart disease. Your active care and attentiveness can help assess your pet's condition and response to treatments. This can help your veterinarian determine whether adjustments are needed.

While there are some similarities between pets and humans with heart disease, there are also important differences. Your pet’s heart disease may be treated with different medications or different doses of medications than those used in people with heart disease.

Knowing how heart diseases are managed and what treatment might look like for your pet can help you provide the best care possible to keep them happy and to enhance their quality of life.