About Tufts Equine Center

General Surgery on a Horse

When subtle or complex issues hinder your horse’s health and performance, it is essential to have the right experts by your side.

Experience the difference at Tufts Equine Center, home to New England's largest team of board-certified specialists, offering a full range of routine and advanced diagnostics and services for your horse, all in a single location.

Driven by passion and intellectual curiosity, our clinicians are consistently developing new techniques and innovative solutions to improve clinical outcomes, enabling your horse to return to peak performance and optimal health.  Our clinicians manage cases from multiple perspectives and offer diagnosis, interpretations, and treatment plans not available in other settings. 

Our multidisciplinary approach enables collaboration with SurgerySports MedicineInternal MedicineCritical CareOphthalmologyImagingCardiologyAnesthesia and Radiology, allowing our team to provide a more accurate and timely diagnosis for your horse.

We offer specialized services in Sports Medicine, as well as additional referral services for Lameness, Surgery, Imaging, Image Analysis, Therapeutic Treatments and Rehabilitation. Our unrivaled expertise enables us to solve both common and obscure cases while providing comprehensive and individualized care from the initial diagnosis to your horse’s full recovery.

The Tufts Equine Center is located in the Hospital for Large Animals at Tufts University.

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