Who's Who on Your Team

Who's who on the equine medicine team

Within our team, every individual plays a unique and important role in the health and well-being of our patients and communication with our clients.  Our success comes from our extensive knowledge and compassionate care from our interdisciplinary teams.

We manage cases from multiple perspectives and offer diagnosis, interpretation and treatment plans not available in other settings and we are driven to provide the highest standard of care available and provide exceptional care and service for you and your horse.

Our team is led by our Specialists,  veterinarians who have completed years of additional training in a specialty and achieved board certification. Within our team, we have board-certified specialists in sports medicine and rehabilitation, surgery, internal medicine, imaging, ophthalmology and cardiology.

Your experience may begin with our Liaisons who manage the communication between our specialty service teams and our clients and schedule appointments.  We have dedicated liaisons for our Sports Medicine and Surgery, Ultrasound, General Surgery, and Internal Medicine.

Upon your arrival, you will meet our Client Service Representatives, a highly trained and dedicated individuals who manage our client interactions, and respond to inquiries setting the stage for a superior client experience.   They know how to get things done and interface with all of the teams providing personalized support.

You will also interact with our experienced team of Veterinary Technicians,  experienced individuals educated and trained to support the veterinarian by assisting with surgery, laboratory procedures, radiography, anesthesiology, treatment, and client education.  Many of our veterinary technicians have pursued advanced training in sports medicine, emergency and critical care, anesthesiology, and internal medicine.  Many are state-credentialed (certified).

Other critical roles supporting the team include our Residents, veterinarians pursuing a multi-year program to achieve a high level of clinical expertise in a specific clinical discipline to become a board-certified specialist.

Also, our Interns, who are veterinarians pursuing a one-year program of advanced training in medicine, surgery and emergency and critical care and our Students, who are in their fourth and final year of education to become a veterinarian.

We recognize the deep and lasting bonds between owners and their horses.  Our Veterinary Social worker is a key member of our integrated team who provides counseling and support focusing on the individual needs of every owner.

Our passion is to return horses to peak performance and to provide their owners with exceptional service.