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Exterior of Tufts Equine Center Sports Medicine Complex

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Our Equine Sports Medicine Service offers innovative and highly specialized care for all equine athletes. We understand the negative impact that poor performance can have on horses at any level of competition and across all disciplines. From elite athletes to eventers, jumpers, hunters, dressage, western performance, racehorses, endurance and pleasure horses, our team has the critical expertise, tools and resources to heal your athlete.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness and performance-related conditions and utilize advanced diagnostics and surgical techniques to ensure your horse receives an accurate diagnosis and the best opportunity for a full recovery.

Our Equine Sports Medicine Complex and arena allows for horses to be evaluated in a safe environment and across a variety of different surfaces to optimize results.

We perform advanced surgeries that include but are not limited to arthroscopy, fracture repair, arthrodesis (joint fusion), CT-guided surgery, kissing spine surgery (ISLD), laryngoplasty (tie-back), laryngeal tie-forward and sinusotomy, all within Tufts Equine Center.


Equine Sports Medicine Complex

The Equine Sports Medicine Complex is a vital asset for Tufts Equine Center.  The innovative complex is home to an 80x120 foot arena, large holding stalls, open examination/treatment areas, a client consultation room and outdoor holding paddocks. The arena provides a safe, quiet and comfortable place for patients to be evaluated in-hand or under saddle.

The arena’s IGK Litestride footing provides a level surface for horses to exercise and simulate how they work at home. For clinicians, this means increased accuracy when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of even the subtlest lameness. The arena also provides an optimal location for horses to be evaluated for upper respiratory or cardiac issues which can impact performance. There is ample room for a horse to be observed working in all three gaits, as well as over fences.

A veterinary technician leads a horse around the Equine Sports Medicine Complex at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

I'm grateful such an excellent facility was available for my horse. I will be getting the usefulness of my horse back, I can not explain in words how wonderful that is. Thank you to Dr. Bubeck and all the staff who cared for Charlie.

A Grateful Client


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