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Ultrasound is one of the most valuable imaging tools for evaluating, diagnosing and influencing the healing process.

Tufts Equine Center is one of the few places in the country offering a service dedicated to equine ultrasound. We utilize our unique expertise and advanced equipment to image everything from the most superficial tendons to the deepest abdominal organs, leading to a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

While we routinely evaluate tendons and ligaments, we also examine complex joints, wounds, masses and eyes, as well as the entire thorax and abdomen for guided injections, diagnostic fluid sampling and biopsies.

In addition to supporting cases within the hospital, we also offer direct consultations and outpatient ultrasound appointments. Often, we see cases where the referring veterinarian has done a thorough workup and has requested an ultrasound consultation. We take great pride in our collaborative approach to diagnosis and treatment, working hard to ensure you gain exceptional value from our partnership.

Our advanced hospital-grade Toshiba Aplio 300 machine provides high-quality, detailed images for routine and advanced examinations. We also have a collection of micro convex, large curvilinear, cardiac and rectal probes excellent for imaging virtually every part of the horse.

All of our images are digitally recorded, allowing for easy transfer in a variety of formats to our clients and their referring veterinarians. We routinely compare stored images from previous exams to evaluate changes and progress.

Outpatient Ultrasound Appointments

While we routinely consult with veterinarians, a referral is not required to book an appointment. We fast-track outpatient appointments to guarantee the most efficient diagnosis and care. To schedule an appointment directly with our service, please call 508-839-7926. Learn more about our Ultrasound Service and see our ‘Case of the Month’, and news on our Facebook page

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