Reduced or Altered Appetitie

Sad corgi pet lying on floor at home. Sick dog has no appetite.
Pets with heart disease can lose their appetites or become picky eaters.

Many owners of pets with heart disease find that their dog or cat's overall intake of food decreases. Your pet’s food preferences also may change. This might be the result of worsening heart disease or side effects of certain medications.

If you notice your pet has a decreased or pickier appetite, you should discuss this with your veterinarian. Before this conversation, collect all the details about your pet’s diet using a diet history form. This information will be helpful to your veterinarian, veterinary cardiologist, or nutritionist.

If your pet has heart failure and has an altered appetite, discuss this with your veterinarian. Changes to medications and diet can help to improve appetite and food intake. It is key for your pet to maintain weight and muscle mass.

More diet information and tips on how to keep your pet interested in food can be found on the Nutrition page.