What To Do If You Found a Sick or Injured Mammal

Confirm It Is Truly Sick or Injured

The following are indications that a mammal may be sick or injured:

  • The animal is quiet, dull, the eyes may be closed, it may be thin, and it may not try to get away from you.
  • The fur may be unkempt and/or there may be obvious wounds.
  • Other abnormalities can include breathing problems, discharge from the eyes/nose, diarrhea, and lameness or inability to stand.
  • For further assistance on Transport, please refer to the "Who to Call for Help" section on this page.

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What Type of Mammal Is It?

Choose the sick or injured mammal below to learn more about what to do.

Common Rabies-vector Species

Common Carnivores

Common Non-Carnivores

Cannot Identify the Mammal