What To Do If You Found Sick or Injured Deer

About Baby Deer (Fawns)

Two fawns

That Fawn is Likely NOT an Orphan

Each spring, MassWildlife receives reports from well-intentioned people who want to help a fawn that they found alone and thought was “orphaned”. However, it’s completely NORMAL for fawns to be left alone by their mother. It is the best thing the mother can do to protect her fawn. She is likely nearby watching you, but you probably won’t see her. The best thing YOU can do to help a fawn is to leave it alone. Enjoy the experience of nature, take a picture, but leave it there.

Mothers normally leave their babies alone while they forage for food. If the deer you found is a fawn, please determine first if it is truly sick or injured and not just “parked” by the mother. Find out more on the MassWildlife website.

We are providing links directly from the state deer biologist to provide the most current information.

If you have found a sick or injured fawn, For further assistance, please refer to the "Who to Call for Help" section on this page.  Do not attempt to handle or transport the fawn without local authorities.

What To Do If You Are Concerned About a Deer

For the safety of the public and the deer, ​​​​​​​please refer to the "Who to Call for Help" section on this page.​​​​​​​

NOTE! Tufts Wildlife Clinic is unable to admit deer. Please call one of the above numbers for help.