Surrogate Mammal Nest

If you do not see the nest, you can create a surrogate nest to help keep the baby safe, and give the parents a chance to find them. You can place the animal in a plastic container, such as a laundry bin or Tupperware container, with holes poked in the bottom. Place natural bedding (soft grasses), or soft, 'non-stringy' bedding (try to avoid terry cloth or cloth that can unravel) in the container.

How to Make a Surrogate Nest

  1. Find a container such as a small box or a small plastic Tupperware container with holes punched in the bottom to allow for any rain to drain out.
  2. Fill the box with leaves, paper towels or a clean, soft cloth.
  3. Place the nest in the tree or bush closest to where the animal was found, out of the sun and rain, as high up as you can safely manage.
  4. Place the animal(s) in the nest (wear gloves) and leave the area.

Examples of Surrogate Mammal Nests

Mammal nest
Mammal nest
Mammal nest

Example of Nest Placement

Placing orphans at base of tree