Rechecks with the Behavior Service

Emails and phone calls are invited for urgent concerns, quick questions, and clarifications of the doctor’s treatment plan. To best serve your pet’s needs, we ask that you book brief or full telehealth or in-person follow-up appointment if you would like to discuss revisions of your pet’s behavior plan or new behavior problems.

In-Person Follow-up Appointments with the Doctor

We offer in-person follow-up appointments on-site at the Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals. In-person follow-up appointments are 45 minutes, and the fee is $297.

Telehealth Follow-Up Appointments with the Doctor

Telehealth follow-up appointments are available for patients that have been seen in the past 12 months. For more comprehensive discussions, we offer full (30-minute) Zoom appointments for $130.

Behavior-Modification and Training Appointments

The behavior service offers in-person and remote training and behavior modification appointments. Our trainer can help with implementation of specific behavior-modification techniques in your pet’s behavior plan and with training new skills to support your pet’s behavior goals. The fee for the training and behavior modification appointment is $71 for a 30-minute remote Zoom appointment.

To schedule a follow-up appointment with the behavior service’s doctor or trainer, please call us at 508-887-4640.