Specialty Services


We work on a wide range of cardiac diseases from congenital birth-defects to those acquired with age. We follow a multi-disciplinary approach enabling our Cardiology Service to work in collaboration with our board-certified clinicians within Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine, Imaging and Surgery, resulting in the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Emergency and Critical Care

Our 24-hour emergency and critical care include comprehensive medical and surgical services (e.g. management of intestinal disease, trauma, respiratory distress). We also provide treatments such as advanced intravenous care, parenteral nutrition, blood and plasma transfusion, dialysis, intensive cardio-vascular monitoring, airway support and mechanical ventilation.


Multiple diagnostic modalities are available on-site including ultrasound, radiographs, CT (computed tomography), endoscopy and laboratory support to allow for the assessment of a range of disorders from acute abdominal pain to chronic weight loss or diarrhea.

Isolation Facility

Our free-standing isolation unit provides six independent stalls to ensure a dedicated treatment space for unparalleled biosecurity and containment of infectious diseases affecting your large animal. We are equipped to handle medically complex and unique quarantine needs.

Muscular and Skeletal Disorders

General Surgery service provides diagnostic testing, surgical intervention when warranted, and treatment recommendations for the management of muscular and skeletal conditions.

Neonatal Intensive Care and High-Risk Pregnancy Services

The transition from intra- to extrauterine life can present issues for the newborn animal. Critically-ill neonates (crias, calves, lamb, kids and piglets) receive the best care available in New England.


We provide diagnostics and treatments for complex conditions involving the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, cervical vertebrae and peripheral nerves. Advanced diagnostic imaging (Myelogram, CT, MRI, Radiography, Nuclear Scintigraphy and Ultrasound) and diagnostic testing (cerebral spinal fluid sampling) are available.


Our board-certified ophthalmologists provide a full range of diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic treatments for your animal. We regularly perform a wide range of surgical procedures ranging from the management of eyelid and ocular surface tumors and lacerations to laser treatment.

Renal/Urinary Disease

Symptoms of urinary disease are subtle and often missed. Our specialists are trained to diagnose and treat kidney and bladder conditions in all species.

Routine Care for Potbellied Pigs

We offer preventative care (vaccines, hoof trimming, tusk trimming and ear cleaning) for pot-bellied pigs.

Reproductive Services

Our Reproductive Medicine Service led by our board-certified reproductive specialist and theriogenologist, Dr. Carlos Gradil provides scheduled examinations and diagnostics. Services include obstetrics of all species, breeding soundness exams, detailed assessment of the dam during pregnancy and managing complex deliveries.

Respiratory Diseases

Our specialists diagnose and treat a wide range of infectious and non-infectious respiratory disorders in all species.


Our board-certified clinical and anatomic pathologists provide support to the hospitals and clinics at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. With our Veterinary Diagnostic Lab located on-site, pathologists collaborate with and offer consultative advice to our veterinary clinicians on clinical cases in real time. With access to the most innovative tools and technology, they perform highly sophisticated testing to help diagnose diseases, make recommendations for additional testing and investigate the underlying causes of patient conditions. They also support biomedical research as well as the discovery of new drugs and treatments. Learn more about our Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center


We have an on-site pharmacy including two registered pharmacists onsite who consult on cases to ensure the best treatment, advise on drug interactions and new therapies.


We specialize in soft tissue, orthopedic, and abdominal surgery providing owners, veterinarians and trainers with exceptional service.  Our surgery services are led by board-certified surgeons who are leaders in their field and renowned for their skills and development of innovative procedures, techniques and advances in surgery.