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  • Curiosity Saved the Cats
    The untold story of how a small team of researchers saved the lives of millions of felines—and helped identify the cause of AIDS. ... read more
  • Podcast Interview with Bianca Leos, V’19 on Community Cats
    Community Cats Podcast With Bianca Leos, V’19 Air date: May 30, 2017 “Animals’ lives are going to depend on me one day, so I need to know all this information” Bianca Leos, V’19 is currently a second year veterinary student at the Cummings School and is one of the officers ... read more
  • Early Spay/Neutering 101
    Habits change slowly. Therefore, many pet owners — and even many veterinarians — still wait longer than they should to get their cats spayed/neutered. ... read more
  • 10 Tips for Preparing for Junior Spay Week
    If there’s one thing that makes every vet student feel a little nervous, it’s Junior Spay Week. Isa Fransisco, V18, offers 10 tips for feeling more confident during your first few spays. Source: ... read more
  • Veterinary students bring pet care to those in need
    A collaborative veterinary program allows Tufts students to gain experience while offering free clinics for citizens who live in Worcester Housing Authority apartment complexes. Emily McCobb is quoted. ... read more