Research News at Cummings School

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is extremely proud of the achievements and ongoing work of the faculty, staff and students performing research on our campus and internationally with investigators from other universities, teaching hospitals and industry. 

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  • A Day at the Dairy Farm
    Every year, the first year students at Cummings School head to Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA and spend the afternoon learning the basics of dairy farm management. Below are some photos of the day with some fun facts about the Holstein dairy herd and their beautiful home. Interested in ... read more
  • Rats!
    We share our health with the animals in our environment. In the city, that often means rats. ... read more
  • Small Talk, Big Impact: The Power of Networking
    Jason Doll, V20, has a challenge for you this summer: get out and network. ... read more