REVEAL Program

Well-trained comparative medical scientists are needed to meet the research needs of the 21st Century. Veterinarians currently are underrepresented in biomedical research but can make a unique contribution because of their expertise in clinical practice and fundamental biology, as well as their knowledge of spontaneous animal models of human disease.

The goal of the Tufts REVEAL Program for residents is to attract veterinarians to academic and research careers. The program is designed to first create the desire to pursue research and then to nurture these candidates with strong mentoring and programs, as well as by providing readily accessible research opportunities and removing common barriers to research.

The program includes:

  1. Symposia on spontaneous animal models of human disease to provide greater interaction with researchers from other disciplines and to increase opportunities for collaborative researc
  2. A multi-function website to facilitate research, including a web-based course on applied statistical methods
  3. An academic seminar series that includes topics to foster an interest in research and to facilitate research training
  4. Short-term introductory research electives
  5. An active mentoring program.

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