International Veterinary Medicine at Cummings School

IVM at Cummings School

At Cummings School, International Veterinary Medicine is central to our mission and our culture. Our expansive International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) program, a Cummings School "Signature Opportunity,” inspires students to consider their profession in a global context, opens doors to international networks, and offers the opportunity for select students to earn a Post Graduate Certificate in IVM while simultaneously completing the DVM degree.

The Signature Opportunity

IVM Core Course

The IVM core course, which all veterinary students take in their first year, introduces global issues in the veterinary profession. Including IVM as a core course within the curriculum demonstrates Cummings School's long-standing commitment to ensuring that graduates are global citizens, regardless of where they practice their profession.

Advanced International Veterinary Medicine Selective

Cummings School's faculty members offer an intensive, week-long selective which gives students exposure to and experience with a range of issues and tools that are valuable when working internationally in new and challenging environments.

Additional related courses are available through Cummings School’s selective program.

IVM Focused Electives

At the end of the third year and during the fourth year, advanced and clinically-oriented electives are available both on and off campus for students with an interest in IVM.

Bi-monthly International Veterinary Medicine Forum

This speaker series features international visitors, alumni, and faculty members who introduce students to a world of opportunities in IVM. Special sessions held every year in collaboration with the Research Path program help students prepare to design and implement their own research projects and then allow students who have completed a summer research project to share their experiences with the community.

Summer Research Program

With support from faculty mentors, students develop their own international research projects and apply for competitive grant funding. To date, hundreds of Cummings School students have successfully completed research projects all over the world.

IVM Post Graduate Certificate Program

This structured program is available to veterinary students who are interested in a career in IVM. Students have the opportunity to earn a Post Graduate Certificate while simultaneously completing their DVM, at no extra cost. Students who earn a Post Graduate Certificate in IVM enter the professional world with specific marketable skills and competencies, ready to succeed on an international level.

Explore the International Experience

Every year, students travel across the world to complete IVM projects. Explore the map below to discover the wide range of projects completed by students across our DVM and Master’s degree programs.

Featured Students

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