International Veterinary Medicine at Cummings School

IVM at Cummings School

At Cummings School, International Veterinary Medicine is central to our mission and our culture. Our expansive International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) program, a Cummings School "Signature Opportunity,” inspires students to consider their profession in a global context, opens doors to international networks, and offers the opportunity for select students to earn a Post Graduate Certificate in IVM while simultaneously completing the DVM degree.

The Signature Opportunity

Explore the International Experience

Every year, students travel across the world to complete IVM projects. Explore the map below to discover the wide range of projects completed by students across our DVM and Master’s degree programs.

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Student Experiences in IVM

  • A View of Chittagong
    When in Bangladesh, don't forget to stop to enjoy a nice long cup of cha with some loved ones. Then, carry on with your field work. ... read more
  • Asian Elephants in Ireland
    As an IVM student with an interest in Conservation Medicine, Brittany Grenus V18, wanted to put her skills to use helping one of her favorite animals: elephants. That's how she wound up in Dublin. ... read more
  • Mexico City, DVM
    New country, new language, new opportunities in veterinary medicine. Alumna Michelle Stewart shares her experience moving from Washington D.C, to Mexico City. ... read more
  • Non-verbal Communication
    Sometimes the most important part of research is listening. ... read more
  • PPR, Research, and Human Nature
    Last summer,Kenny Siu, V18, went to northeastern Uganda to perform research on Peste des Petite Ruminants (PPR). The lessons he walked away with went beyond data insights. ... read more
  • Cat Tracking in Thailand
    Step one: Learn everything about liver flukes. Step two: Buy a plane ticket to Thailand. Step three: Track cats. ... read more

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History of the Program

The International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program began in 1982, three years after the establishment of the veterinary school. Tufts University has had a long-standing international commitment, in education as well as in service and research, and the IVM program allows the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to meaningfully contribute to this university-wide mandate.

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