MCM Student Laptop Requirements

All incoming MCM students at Cummings School are required to have a laptop computer or tablet.  You may purchase either a PC or a MAC; however, if you are considering a new purchase and have experience with PCs we highly recommend them in place of MACs because of compatibility with a variety of software we use in this program. We also recommend purchasing an extended warranty from the manufacturer to cover the cost of hardware repairs that may be needed.

Hard Drive256 Gb Solid State Drive
Optical DriveCD/DVD Burner (Optional)
Memory8GB Ram
Processor2.3 GHz Intel Core i5-5300U
Video CardIntel HD Graphics 5500
Network Card100Mbps or higher
Wireless Network Card802.11n


Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Version 7 or 10 64 Bit, Mac OSX v.10.8 or higher. Current 10.11
Office SuiteMicrosoft Office 2010/2013/2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Office 2011/2016 for Mac
Anti-Virus ProtectionNorton, McAfee, Trend, Command

Financial Aid
Students who will be seeking financial aid should be aware that the cost of a laptop computer or tablet, up to certain limits, can be added to the student's budget for purposes of computing financial aid under the guidelines of the U.S. Office of Education. If you have questions about the financial aid application process, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 508-839-8733 for detailed information, before purchasing your laptop.