Animal Acupuncture

Xuân Mai Võ, J97, Vo2, a clinical assistant professor who teaches anatomy at Cummings School, offers some guidance to pet owners.

Postpartum Depression Spans Generations

A multi-generational study conducted with female rats suggests stress-induced depression in new mothers extends to daughters when they become mothers.

The Great Tiger Skeleton Puzzle

Jack Hawkes, MA, DVM had veterinary students in his natural history class learn anatomy by reconstructing a Bengal tiger’s skeleton. The project went on display after three years of work.

Hunters vs. Wildlife. Media Hype vs. Science

Director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy Allen Rutberg, PhD cuts through the rhetoric in the Time magazine cover story “America’s Pest Problem (Time to Cull the Herd).”


Histopathology at Cummings

The histology department is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced faculty and staff. It offers numerous research services and a quality-controlled, consistent product.

Learn more about the Histopathology Service

The Department of Biomedical Sciences conducts world-class research, provides diagnostic services, fosters scholarly activity, and trains veterinary, graduate, and postdoctoral students.

Faculty in the department's Section of Pathology also provide clinical pathology, biopsy, and necropsy services to the small and large animal hospitals. The Histology Lab provides biopsy, immunohistochemistry, and high quality slide preparation. And the Clinical Pathology Laboratory performs diagnostic tests such as hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation tests, and urinalysis for patients and for research projects.