To my fellow Alumni and friends,

Dan Hebert

I was my honor this fall to take over the reins of the Tufts University Veterinary Alumni Association from Dr. Bill Rosenblad. Bill had originally stepped into a vacant position at a time of need for what was supposed to be a short term. Almost 10 years later, no one can deny the dedication he has shown to our school by continuing to ensure the growth and improvement of our Association. I can only hope to carry on by his example as we continue to tap the resource that has made Tufts one of the best veterinary schools in the country: its alumni.

Anyone who has been back to campus in the last 5 years knows that there have been some amazing changes. We now have such facilities as a dedicated campus center with state-of-the-art presentation hall, a large animal isolation building, expanded small animal clinical space, a student spay/neuter teaching suite, and many more. Dean Kochevar has even more in store for the near future with a major renovation of the small animal teaching hospital and the addition of an indoor arena building for equine care. It truly is an exciting time to be associated with Tufts.

As a private school, it goes without saying that these achievements came about through the hard work of volunteers and engaged supporters. While it would seem that the number of those contributing must be high, we could actually be doing so much better. Since I graduated over 20 years ago, Cummings School has graduated over 1000 new alumni. While one might think that participation would have increased substantially, TUVAA dues membership has actually dropped to only 4%. When I was a student, assistance from alumni was not expected due to the relative infancy of the school itself. Yet, many still made the effort to donate not only their time, but financial support in the form of dues. One of the primary uses for these dues is in support of the students through their orientation and sponsorship of events that connect students with alumni. It is a small amount to give each year to help support not only ourselves, but these students who need our help so much.

We now have graduates who have been in the field for over 30 years with the pool of potential supporters and advisors growing every year. My own recent clinic purchase would not have been possible without the advice of the alumni who came before me. Each of their contributions was relatively small, but had a huge impact on my life. It is now time for the younger generation to do the same.

Be sure to look for upcoming events both on-campus and at conferences. Alumni meetings are held every quarter on the Grafton campus and off-campus events are always being planned. These gatherings are the perfect opportunity to re-connect and hear about the great things happening at the school. One such item involves the opening of the Student Support Center which will soon feature video conferencing technology to allow us to have sessions between students and alumni from around the globe. So, please keep your membership with the Association up-to-date, both factually and financially. When you think back to the days of being a student and remember that feeling of anxiety looking forward to the unknown, it will make you feel good to know that you are helping another student melt that anxiety away.

I look forward to serving you and seeing you all over the coming years.

Dan Hebert, V’01
President, TUVAA