Fairs, Shows & Travel for Bovine

field veterinarian walking with young man and woman on a bovine farm


It is helpful if clients review travel requirements (www.interstatelivestock.com) prior to scheduling an appointment to obtain health certificates for their animals. Each state has its own requirements for animals entering their state and these requirements may include testing and vaccination for specific diseases.  A review of travel requirements prior to scheduling a call for health certificates will ensure that all requirements are met and that your animals are able to travel where and when you choose.

If you are planning to visit a fair or show, be sure to download a complete list of requirements from the show or fair’s specific website prior to scheduling your appointment with Tufts Veterinary Field Service.  Individual fairs may have specific requirements that differ from inter-state travel regulations and in those cases, additional vaccination or testing may be required.

Health Certificates for Show & Sale

  1. Schedule your appointment for a Certificate for Veterinary Inspection (CVI) with plenty of time to allow for any required vaccines or testing. Testing results typically take 7-10 days to receive results.  Rabies vaccine must be given 30 days prior to arrival at the show/sale if required, however please note that rabies vaccination may not be given to animals less than 12 weeks of age.
  2. Please provide a copy of the show or sale health requirements for the veterinarian to take with them at the conclusion of the visit.
  3. Please provide the veterinarian with a list of all shows or fairs to be attended during the show season. The dates of the show or fair and the address should accompany the name of the show or fair.

The CVI can only be issued once requirements are fulfilled.