Assisted Reproductive Technology for Bovine

frozen samples in an equine lab


  • Tufts Veterinary Field Service offers Conventional Bovine Embryo Collection, Embryo Transfer and Embryo Cryopreservation (freezing) at a variety of locations, to reduce transportation of donors long distances. Conventional Embryo Collection may be performed on-farm at the Tufts Veterinary Field Service Clinic in Woodstock, CT.

    Embryos are collected and may be transferred immediately into recipients (surrogates) or cryopreserved (frozen) for future transfer. Tufts Veterinary Field Service is also EU certified to collect and cryopreserve embryos for international export to a variety of countries.

    Clients should contact the office to schedule conventional embryo collection at least 4-6 weeks prior to the requested date of conventional embryo collection, to finalize the collection details and to review protocols.

    Tufts Veterinary Field Service offers short-term frozen embryo and semen storage. For more information about long-term storage, please call the main office.

  • Evaluating the breeding performance of bulls is a critical component of success for many cattle farms. Before sending a bull to stud, using a bull to breed your own herd or selling a bull, it is important to determine the bull’s fertility through a Breeding Soundness Examination (BSE).

    A BSE may be done on-farm or as a haul-in service, however having the exam performed at Tufts Veterinary Field Service clinic will result in a more exhaustive report. The bull will have a comprehensive reproductive exam before semen is collected and evaluated for parameters including sperm concentration, sperm morphology (correct formation of sperm) and sperm motility (correct movement of sperm). The client will receive a detailed certificate if the bull passes the BSE. Semen collection and freezing services are also available upon request.

    Tufts Veterinary Field Service also has the benefit of having Dr. David Matsas, a Board Certified Theriogenologist (veterinarian specializing in Reproduction Medicine) on faculty, as well as Dr. Eugene White, who is a Certified Dairy Practitioner by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). This affords bovine owners of having a team of veterinarians who have completed additional years of rigorous training and published clinical research in the field of veterinary reproductive medicine

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    Tufts Veterinary Field Service has collaborated with Fairvue Farms in Woodstock, CT to offer the Guardian Genetics Recipient Program. A certified veterinarian at the Tufts Veterinary Field Service will transfer all embryos into recipient (surrogate) females and oversee herd health through to calving. Clients may send their embryos to Tufts Veterinary Field Service and then arrange pickup of calves from Guardian Genetics once they are born.

    Tufts Veterinary Field Service also partners with Guardian Genetics to provide well-managed recipient (surrogate) heifers and cows for Embryo Transfer. Clients should contact the main office for more information and to schedule IVF services.