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Clinical Case Challenge (Ophthalmology)

Canon, a four-year old male, mix breed dog, presented to Dr. Chris Pirie, veterinary ophthalmologist at Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center, with a history of ocular redness and discharge that had persisted for two months. Learn about the diagnostic testing Dr. Pirie conducted to confirm a diagnosis of nodular Read More

Routine Eye Care for Your Pets

Your pet depends on you for just about everything, and helping him or her maintain optimal eye health is one very important element to consider. While your pet may attempt to clean his or her eyes by pawing them or rubbing against carpeting or furniture, he or she runs the risk of scratching the eye, Read More

Ophthalmology Residency

The comparative ophthalmology residency at the Cummings School provides veterinarians with training in medical and surgical ophthalmology for a variety of species. The ophthalmology department maintains a presence in both the small and large animal hospitals and also sees patients in conjunction with the ZCAM and wildlife services. Residents benefit from a robust caseload and Read More