Accelerated Clinical Excellence Signature Opportunity

The  ACE (Accelerated Clinical Excellence) Course, offered in the second semester of the DVM students' second year, introduces the principles behind Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine and then applies these principles to model cases. Included in this course is journal article review and evaluation (including statistical analysis used for clinical studies), evaluation of the validity and origin of sources of information, and application of this information to clinical decision making. This course highlights the practical skills that are needed to become an excellent clinical veterinarian.

The goals of the ACE (Accelerated Clinical Excellence) Program are fivefold:

  1. Introduce the concepts of evidence-based veterinary medicine to improve a student's ability to search for information resources that support utilization of the best available treatment practices.
  2. Develop the skills that are not taught in the traditional veterinary medical education but are required by an excellent veterinarian, such as: superb client communication skills, referral to and interaction with specialists, and use of the best available information to make clinical decisions on patient care.
  3. Introduce students to the opportunities of specialty practice early in their education.
  4. Prepare interested students for the often competitive clinical specialty internship and residency programs.
  5. Incorporate an introduction to clinical research into the early portion of the curriculum to help students understand the benefits and challenges of clinical research and to enhance opportunities for students to actively participate in clinical research projects.

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AVMA Veterinary Career Center

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Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine

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Prospective students should contact the Office of Admissions to find out more about the ACE Program.

Current Cummings School students should contact Dr. Lisa Freeman to get involved with the program or to make suggestions for other topics that would be of interest.