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Impact of Research at Cummings School

Dr. Andrew Hoffman, a former veterinarian and researcher at the Cummings School, once said:

As veterinarians, we are the bridge between animals and people, between ideas and clinical trials.

Cummings School has been bridging these gaps long before the recent focus on translational research. Our scientists have played pivotal roles in the research that has led to many successful human and veterinary applications:

  • The use of rBMP in bone healing
  • Orthopedic fixator devices
  • Production of pharmaceutical peptides in goat's milk
  • Increased sensitivity of detection of glomerular filtration rates
  • Heat-stable rinderpest vaccine

Discoveries made at our school have resulted in the creation of several companies:

  • Lakewood Biomedical (Dr. Saul Tzipori—Hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) treatment)
  • Securos Veterinary Orthopedics (Dr. Karl Kraus—external fixator device)

We have also been successful in licensing our technologies out to several established companies.