Jada Ford, VG23

Jada Ford, VG23


South Carolina

BS, Animal and Veterinary Sciences. University: Clemson University, SC, 2022

Why did you choose to pursue this degree, and why did you choose Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to pursue this degree?

What drew me to the MAPP program was how it focuses on human-animal relationships and their implications for policy and community action. This year I have gained a new interest in public health as it relates to animal research through an Undergraduate Animal Research Specialist internship at Massachusetts General Hospital. This internship encouraged me to expand my knowledge of animals and public policy.

I would really love to develop and focus more on my teaching skills to prepare for me academia.

I am a southern girl, but I fell in love with Massachusetts during a summer internship and promised myself I would return. I found Tufts and this amazing program shortly after.