Research/Areas of Interest:

Endocrinology, Infectious and Immune-Mediated Diseases, Nephrology


Small Animal Rotating Internship, Friendship Hospital for Animals, 2020

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, 2019


Selected Publications and Presentations

  1. K.E. Govoni, M.L. Hoffman, A.K. Jones, S.M. Pillai, K.K. McFadden, S.A. Reed, and S.A. Zinn. The effects of poor maternal nutrition during gestation on offspring postnatal growth and metabolism.
  2. D.E. Martin, A.K. Jones, S.M. Pillai, M.L. Hoffman, K.K. McFadden, S.A. Zinn, K.E. Govoni, and S.A. Reed. Maternal restrict- and over-feeding during gestation result in distinct lipid and amino acid metabolite profiles in the longissimus muscle of the offspring. Front Physiol.
  3. Jones, A.K., M.L. Hoffman, S.M. Pillai, K.K. McFadden, K.E. Govoni, S.A. Zinn, and S.A. Reed. Gestational restricted- and over-feeding promote maternal and offspring inflammatory responses that are distinct and dependent on diet in sheep. Biol Reprod.
  4. J.E. Duan, M. Zhang, K. Flock, S.A. Seesi, I. Mandoiu, A. Jones, E. Johnson, S. Pillai, M. Hoffman, K.K. McFadden, H. Jiang, S. Reed, K.E. Govoni, S. Zinn, Z. Jiang, X.C. Tian. Effects of maternal nutrition on expression of genomic imprinted genes in ovine fetuses. Epigenetics.
  5.  A.K. Jones, M.L. Hoffman, R.E. Gately, K.K. McFadden, S.M. Pillai, K.E. Govoni, S.A. Zinn, and S.A. Reed. Ultrasound during mid-gestation: Agreement with physical fetal and placental measurements and use in predicting gestational age in sheep. Reprod. Domest. Anim.
  6. S.M. Pillai, A.K. Jones, M.L. Hoffman, K.K. McFadden, S.A. Reed, S.A. Zinn, and K.E. Govoni. Fetal and organ development at gestational days 45, 90, 135 and at birth of lambs exposed to under- or over-nutrition during gestation.
  7. A.K. Jones, R.E. Gately, K.K. McFadden, S.A. Zinn, K.E. Govoni, and S.A. Reed. Transabdominal ultrasound for detection of pregnancy, fetal and placental landmarks, and fetal age before Day 45 of gestation in the sheep. Theriogenology.
  8. M.L. Hoffman, K.K. McFadden, T.A. Hoagland, G.W. Kazmer, and K.E. Govoni. Short communication: Expression of T-box 2 and 3 in the bovine mammary gland. J. Dairy. Sci.