The Hospital for Large Animals at the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts offers the region's most advanced Large Animal Diagnostic and Interventional Ultrasound Service.

High quality diagnostic ultrasound is an excellent imaging method for diagnosing soft-tissue injuries, abnormalities and certain bony disorders. Ultrasound can be used to diagnose, treat and follow equine musculoskeletal injuries. Ultrasound not only examines the distal limb, it can also be used to help veterinarians evaluate the cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. It provides important follow-up information during the healing process and is an integral part of proper rehabilitation programs for soft-tissue injuries. Additionally, interventional ultrasound can be used to guide therapeutic injections, diagnostic fluid sampling, and biopsies.

The Cummings Veterinary Medical Center's superior equipment and faculty expertise ensure high-quality images every time. The center currently has a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, the Biosound Esaote MPX, for dedicated large animal use. The MPX has four probes, ranging from 13 to 2.5 MHz, providing optimal image quality at any depth from the skin's surface to 36 centimeters in depth. It has pulsed, continuous wave and color Doppler for cardiovascular imaging. All images are digitally recorded and can be easily copied onto CDs or emailed to both clients and referring veterinarians.

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  • Kate Chope

    Kate Chope
    Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging

  • Antonia Dejesus

    Antonia Dejesus
    Diagnostic Imaging

  • Trisha Oura

    Trisha Oura
    Diagnostic Imaging

  • Dominique G. Penninck

    Dominique G. Penninck
    Ultrasonography, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology

  • Amy F. Sato

    Amy F. Sato
    Diagnostic Imaging

  • Mauricio Solano

    Mauricio Solano
    Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine

  • James Sutherland-Smith

    James Sutherland-Smith
    Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging

  • Wade A. Tenney

    Wade A. Tenney
    Large Animal Ultrasonography