Tuition & Expenses for the Masters in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) Program

Photo of three students sitting next to each other.

All students enrolled in the MS in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) program are charged tuition for fall and spring semesters. The summer capstone exercise is considered part of the spring semester for tuition purposes. Tuition for the current academic year is on the Tuition and Fees page and is payable according to Tufts University guidelines. Additional student expenses include health insurance and the health administration fee, which are detailed on The Estimated Cost of Education: A Sample Student Expense Budget.

The MAPP program is an accelerated, one-year (September to August) program. It is expected that students in the applied track will complete all requirements within that time. Students in the research track may complete the requirements in that time but should expect to spend the second fall semester after enrollment completing their capstone research projects.

Students taking longer than one academic year to finish their degree pay a continuation fee at the beginning of each semester, except that research track students do not pay a continuation fee for the second fall semester following enrollment. All students have until August 15th of the second academic year to successfully complete all requirements for their degree. For applied track students, the fees assessed will be as follows: $500 for fall of the second year, $1,500 for spring of the second year, and $1,500 for summer of the second year. For research track students, the fees assessed will be $500 for spring semester of the second year and $1,500 for summer semester of the second year.

If a student cannot complete the program in the time allotted, a request may be submitted for an extension of time or a leave of absence; otherwise, an administrative withdrawal from the program will be processed, and the student must apply for readmission. Permission for time extensions and re-acceptance into the program after administrative withdrawal are not automatic, and a negative decision on a request may affect the student’s eligibility to receive their degree. Information on the cost of education as well as the Cummings School refund policy can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.