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Double your gift and transform lives through a veterinary scholarship

Double Your Gift

Support veterinary students and double the impact of your gift by giving or pledging $100,000 or more to an endowed scholarship. Whether you are creating a new scholarship or adding to an existing one, Cummings School will match your gift, doubling its impact, if you make your plans before June 30, 2014.

Your Return

An endowed scholarship fund creates a lasting legacy of support for generations of students to come. Tufts veterinary students appreciate the thoughtful generosity behind scholarship giving. You will hear their gratitude and enthusiasm, not only in thank-you letters, like the ones excerpted here, but also in person at events that will bring you together with student beneficiaries. Throughout the year, you will receive regular updates about Cummings School and the impact of your gift.

Anya_PriceAnya Price, A12, V16 has "Double Jumbo pride" as she works toward her second Tufts degree. Already Tufts undergraduate alumna, Anya majored in Biopsychology (brain and behavior) and spent a summer pursuing an NIH-funded research project involving postpartum maternal behavior in rats which went on to win two competitions. "Enrichment and innovation in laboratory animal well-being is an attractive field for me, and I hope to continue exploring optimization of laboratory animal care as a researcher," Anya says. Anya eventually plans to pursue a lab animal residency in academia, and takes satisfaction in working toward betterment of both human and animal health.

I am committed to promoting the voice of female leadership and gender equality in the field of veterinary medicine. As a veterinarian, I hope to bring more attention to female advancement in the scientific community.
Anya Price, Dr. Henry L. Foster Scholar

Andrew Eitzer, V16I cannot thank you enough for awarding me this scholarship. It is so helpful for my family and me. I will do everything in my power to assure you that you made the right choice amongst many qualified individuals. I will continue to work hard and provide exemplary care to my future patients.
Andrew Eitzer, Westminster Kennel Foundation Scholar