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Heart disease is common in animals and can often be successfully managed.

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Heart disease is common in animals and can often be successfully managed. Dogs, cats, horses, ferrets and many other animals acquire heart disease, although the type of diseases in animals often differ from those most commonly found in people.

Using the most advanced diagnostic tests, including echocardiography, electrocardiography, Holter monitor recordings, radiographs and cardiac catheterization, the Cardiology Service is able to successfully diagnose and manage heart disease in a wide variety of animals. The board-certified cardiology specialists, residents and technicians on the Cardiology Service work closely with you to find the best approach for management of your animal’s unique needs.

The Cardiology Service has been a leader in innovative developments for diagnosing and treating heart disease in animals and the results of this research have improved the lives of pets with heart disease worldwide.

Additional information about veterinary cardiology—including symptoms of, diagnostic tests and treatments for various forms of heart disease—can be found on the HeartSmart website.

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