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Thursday,  April 19, 2018
at 12 PM – 12:50 PM

Part of the Spring 2018 Animal Matters Seminars: The Intersection of Art and Animals Series

presented by Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy

Speaker: Danika Oriol-Morway, MS
Sanctuary Director, Foster Parrots, Ltd., New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary
M.S. in Animals and Public Policy, Tufts University, 2015

View recorded seminar here:

Participation in animal and environmental advocacy does not always follow traditional forms. Danika will discuss how Foster Parrots, a wildlife sanctuary in Hope Valley, RI, is creating a space in which the arts are used to broaden opportunities for the individual to contribute to the animal welfare and conservation movements. Danika received her MS in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) in 2015, studying the history, policy, and current events of the animal welfare movement; unexpectedly, MAPP also prepared her to run a sanctuary that houses over 450 animals.

Featured photo above courtesy of Foster Parrots – The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary

Made possible by the generous support of: Elizabeth A. Lawrence Endowed Fund

Feral Arts Workshop photo courtesy of Sean Maze

Feral Arts Workshop photo courtesy of Sean Maze


Danika Oriol-Morway, MS

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