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Tufts Farm Field

Rules and Regulations at Tufts Farm Field

All users of the Tufts Farm Field are required to register with the school prior to using the field for any reason—this includes both the on-leash and off-leash areas. As part of the registration, users agree to abide by a few simple rules:


  1. All field users must be registered with Tufts. For information on registration please see the Registration and Fees page or contact us.
  2. Disregard of rules will result in citation, suspension or removal of field privileges.
  3. Enter the field only through the gate at the corner of Route 30 and Glen St. All other gates are closed except for agricultural use.
  4. This is an agricultural field and all gates will be closed on certain days of the year to accomplish field maintenance and harvest of crops. The Farm Field is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to sunset unless it is in use for agricultural purposes. If you see farm machinery in the field, the field is closed.
  5. No motorized vehicles allowed in field.
  6. Promptly report violation of field rules to the Tufts Campus Police at (508) 839-5303.

Field Maintenance

  1. Please use bags provided to pick up dog waste. If left in the field, these wastes contaminate hay grown to feed livestock on the Cummings School Farm. Some healthy dogs may harbor organisms in their feces that can make livestock sick.
  2. Please carry wastes away from the field for disposal at your property or deposit waste in bins provided at the field.

Dog Rules

  1. Aggressive dogs should not be brought to the field. Assess your dog’s temperament before walking in a public area. Evidence of aggression is grounds for suspension or removal of field privileges.
  2. Your dog must be licensed with your town, current on all vaccines (including rabies) and have regular fecal exams done by your veterinarian.
  3. Dogs must be on leash at all times except in the specifically designated, fenced, off-leash area of the Farm Field.
  4. Dogs must display Tufts Farm Field Registered User Tag as well as a current rabies tag.
  5. Ask permission before allowing your dog to approach a person or another dog.
  6. Don't allow others to approach and pet or interact with your dog without your supervision and permission.
  7. Be respectful of all field users.