Animal Welfare Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

This Committee shall review and make recommendations on the care and use of animals within the School except in cases where such care or use is covered by outside regulations or statutes, or by other approved practices or policies of the School. It shall recommend guidelines and policy on these matters to the Executive Faculty Board for its approval or rejection, and implement those policies when approved.


The Animal Welfare Committee shall consist of five General Faculty members, at least three of whom shall be veterinarians, three to be nominated by the Faculty Council and two by the Dean. Two students will serve on this Committee, and all Committee members shall have voting privileges.


Dr. Lisa Barber, Chair

Dr. L. Barber (1)*
Dr. J. Graham (1)
Dr. E. McCobb (3)
Dr. L. Philips (1)
Dr. E. O’Neil (2)

Two Student Representatives (voting): Shayna Sosnowik, V19, Jane Waterfall, V18

*Denotes length of term in years

For additional information contact Dr. Lisa BarberCommittee Chair