Visitor Policy for Isolation

When there is a possibility that an animal is carrying an infectious disease that could spread to other animals or people, we place them in isolation. The following protocols have been put in place to protect you, our patients and other animals outside of the hospital.

  1. All visitors are required to check in at the front desk.
  2. We kindly request that visitors to the hospital remain with their own animal, and do not visit other patients or take pictures of other animals.
  3. Each patient is allowed two visits totaling 20 minutes per day.
  4. Visitors must be at least twelve years old to enter the Isolation Ward.
  5. All barrier precautions must be followed, and we will provide protective isolation attire.
  6. Please wear closed-toe footwear. Failure to comply will result in revoked visiting privileges.
  7. Visitors must be escorted and supervised by a staff member, student or house officer at all times.
  8. Eating or drinking is not permitted in the Isolation Ward. Personal items must be left directly outside the isolation areas.
  9. Permission from the clinician is required for any patient to leave the isolation area.
  10. Cell phones cannot be used while in the isolation stalls.
  11. Visiting may be restricted at any time at the clinician’s discretion.
  12. No dogs or other pets are allowed in the Isolation Ward