Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology PhD Track

The goal of the PhD program's Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology specialty is to train students to become leaders in the field in preparation for careers in research and academic medicine. The program focuses on the role of reproductive biology and neurobiology in the fields of veterinary and human medicine. Specific training areas emphasize reproduction and early development, pregnancy and lactation, biotechnology and reproduction, reproductive neuroscience, and the reproduction of domestic and endangered animals.

The PhD program offers both breadth and focus to students with interests in the fields of reproductive biology and neuroscience as they pertain to understanding basic biological mechanisms and their potential application to abnormal and disease processes. It also combines developmental and molecular biological technology in basic and applied areas to investigate the physiological control of mammalian reproduction. Specific studies in this program can be found in the Department of Biomedical Sciences' Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology section.