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Selectives Program Credit

Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 credits of selectives during the first five semesters of the DVM program. Selectives may be done during the academic semesters or the summer, but students may not earn more than 1 credit per semester. A minimum of 40 hours—one afternoon a week—is required for ½ credit, and a minimum of 80 hours—two afternoons a week—is required for 1 credit for the semester. During the summer, students can earn up to 2.0 credits for one summer. At least 1 of the 3 credits must be taken during the academic semester. Selectives are graded pass/fail.

Students are responsible for providing their selective site supervisor with an evaluation form and a thank you letter on the first day of their selective. In order to receive credit, the evaluation form must be completed, signed, and uploaded into the DVM Selectives portal in Canvas for selective credit. Once a student has committed to a selective, it should be viewed as the equivalent of a required course. Students may drop a selective without incurring a failing grade anytime during a semester in the event of a medical circumstance approved by the Student Affairs Office. If this occurs students should contact Karen Reagan for assistance.

Students deemed by the Student Promotions Committee to be encountering academic difficulty at the conclusion of a semester may be required to select the noncredit self-study option in order to concentrate efforts on mastering the core curriculum. These students would be required to fulfill the 3 credit selective requirement by utilizing the summers if necessary. All students in the first three years of the DVM program have the ability to select self-study time as a noncredit selective option for any semester.

Students in the DVM/MS–LAM, and DVM/MPH programs will use required graduate program courses to fulfill selective credits.