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Choosing a Selective

Students are encouraged to research and choose a self-styled selective or one from our Selectives Guide that best aligns with their educational interests, personal aspirations, and professional goals.

Please keep the following points in mind when choosing a selective and realize there may be unforeseen and unpublished changes in selective site availability. If you have any questions, please contact the Selectives Program.

Lottery Process

Selective sites that accept a limited number of students will determine their participants via a lottery. Therefore, students should be prepared to be flexible and have two or three selective choices ranked in order of their preference.

Students should call a selective site prior to the lottery to confirm availability, discuss expectations, or to inquire about possible scheduling arrangements. No commitments should be made to the site until after the results of the lottery have been posted. Students may make a commitment at a site for which there is no competition.

Self-styled Selectives

Students may design self-styled selectives if they would like. Those wishing to do so should send the details of the proposed experience to Karen Reagan for approval. All pertinent information—such as the site address, contact information for of the supervisor, whether ½ or 1 credit will be expected, and specific learning objectives—should be included.

Site Approval

Once a student's selective choice has been approved, the student is responsible for following up immediately to confirm, verify, and clarify the opportunity with the mentor or contact person.

When contacting a selective site, students should clearly identify themselves as a Cummings School veterinary student wishing to participate in a pre-clinical selective. Some sites may require a resume and cover letter, and/or an interview, prior to acceptance.

Students must confirm with the site that they must complete a minimum of 40 hours during the semester to receive credit. As some selective sites may have variable caseloads, students may not be able to fulfill the minimum requirements for selective credit. If this occurs, students may choose another selective if time permits; otherwise, students should contact the Selectives Program.