DVM First Year Curriculum

The first year of the DVM curriculum consists largely of didactic teaching and laboratory instruction and focuses on the basic biomedical sciences. The major emphasis is on the basic structural and functional relationships that occur in normal animals. The Clinical Skills course provides basic handling and husbandry of large and small animal species.


  • Anatomy I
  • Cell and Tissue Types
  • Organ System Structure & Function I
  • Physiological Chemistry
  • Clinical Radioanatomy and Principles of Imaging
  • Problem-Based Learning I and II
  • Clinical Skills I
  • Human-Animal Relationships
  • Applied Veterinary Molecular Biology
  • Adopt-a-Veterinary Student
  • International Veterinary Medicine
  • Organ System Structure & Function II
  • Anatomy II
  • Feeds and Feeding
  • Immunology
  • General Pathology
  • Comparative Anatomy and Physiology