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COVID-19 Guidance: Guidance and operational updates for Cummings School and its veterinary teaching hospitals

Applied Learning Experiences in DVM/MS in Lab Animal Medicine

VET 550 - Applied Learning Experience: Animal Facility Experience (5 credits)

Animal Facility Experience consists of two four-week in-depth training experiences at industry or academic laboratory animal facilities during the first or second summer after matriculation into the program. Students can apply to take the laboratory animal experience part of the program at any institution with an AAALAC accredited laboratory animal program. New sites must be approved by the DVM/MSLAM program committee. A student can arrange the two four-week programs at one or two separate institutions for the summer. During the summer, students work closely with veterinary staff and animal care staff for hands-on experience with animal care, enrichment, and veterinary programs. Students are evaluated by the veterinary staff at the training institutions.

VET 554 - Applied Learning Experience: Research Experience (5 credits)

Applied Learning Experience consists of an eight-week research experience involving animals. This research experience must take place during the first or second summer of the program and be an eight-week in depth laboratory research experience, preferably an independent project, in an established research laboratory. Students are required to work with an established biomedical research investigator and write a research report on the summer project. They are evaluated by the principle investigator of the laboratory.