DVM Students in Action

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) offers students a strong background in the principles of veterinary medicine and exposes them to the spectrum of present and future career opportunities in the profession.

MCM Students in Action

The Master of Science in Conservation Medicine (MCM) explores the health relationships at the intersections of people, animals, and the environment.

Masters in Animals and Public Policy

The Master of Science in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) focuses on human-animal relationships and their implications for policy and community action

Masters in Infectious Disease and Global Health Program

The new Master of Science in Infectious Disease and Global Health (MS IDGH) trains students in understanding the emergence, establishment and spread of infectious agents across the globe.

Academic programs at the Cummings School include the DVM and several graduate and combined degree programs. The combined degree programs are open to DVM students who wish to consolidate their selective and elective time to focus their training in research, public health, or laboratory animal medicine beyond the basic training in these areas in the DVM program. We are pleased to offer students training that supports broad career options associated with veterinary medicine.