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Wednesday, April 10, 2019
at 12 PM – 12:50 PM
in the Agnes Varis AUDITORIUM, in the Campus Center (#16 on the Campus Map)

Part of the Animal Matters Seminar Series

presented by Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy

Katie (Becofsky) Potter, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

View recorded seminar:

In this talk, Dr. Potter will review the state of the science on dog ownership and physical activity and discuss future directions for the field. Dr. Potter will also discuss two pilot intervention studies completed in her lab, one testing obedience training as a means to increase dog walking behavior among inactive owners, and one pairing non-dog owners with foster dogs to prospectively examine how taking a dog into one’s home affects physical activity and psychosocial well-being. Click here for printable flyer

Members of the public are invited to this seminar on campus or remotely at no charge.

Made possible by the generous support of: Elizabeth A. Lawrence Endowed Fund

About Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy
The mission of the Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy is to conduct and encourage the study of complex issues surrounding the changing role and impact of animals in society. The Center supports the development and dissemination of research driven policies, programs and practices that benefit both people and animals.
Work conducted by the Center is based on the tenets that animal well-being matters, that animal and human well-being are linked, and that both are enhanced through improved understanding of human-animal relationships. Click here for more information