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Research in the Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health

Faculty members of the Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health (IDGH) conduct research on viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and protozoan pathogens of veterinary and medical importance.

Multi-project programs that are currently active in the Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health include:

Most of the department's select agents and biosafety level 3 research takes place at the New England Regional Biosafety Laboratory (RBL) constructed to support research on the NIAID Category A, B and C priority pathogens and emerging infectious diseases. The New England RBL serves as a resource for regional research institutions and is available and prepared to assist national, state and local public health efforts in the event of an emergency.

The Department also participates in the One Health Workforce (OHW) program, a major USAID-funded program to strengthen global workforce development against Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT). The OHW program builds on the partnership established during the RESPOND project, which concluded in 2014 after five years of work.

Research in the Department is largely funded by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Additional projects are funded by Merck, Pfizer, other various foundations and corporate sponsors and:

Inquiries from potential collaborators or study sponsors are welcome.

Pathogens Available for Study

A list of pathogens available for study is online for your convenience.