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Faculty in the Department of Environmental and Population Health

  • Ivan Craig Embree

    Ivan Craig Embree
    Dairy Production & Management

  • Rachael Gately

    Rachael Gately
    Small Ruminant Medicine, Surgery and Reproductive Technologies, Dairy Herd Health

  • David M Hernke

    David M Hernke
    Dairy Production Medicine, General Surgery

  • Erin E. King

    Erin E. King
    Dairy Production Medicine, Farm Animal Welfare

  • David Lee-Parritz

    David Lee-Parritz
    Laboratory Animal Medicine

  • David J. Matsas

    David J. Matsas
    Large Animal Medicine and Theriogenology

  • George Saperstein

    George Saperstein
    Professor Emeritus

  • Angeline E. Warner

    Angeline E. Warner
    Respiratory physiology, pulmonary macrophage function

  • Eugene C. White

    Eugene C. White
    Dairy Production Medicine Advanced Reproductive Technologies – Bovine

  • Julia G Wilkinson

    Julia G Wilkinson
    Equine and Small Ruminant Medicine and Surgery

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