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Faculty in Department of Clinical Sciences

Most faculty members in the Department of Clinical Sciences are involved with teaching, clinical service and research, although the degree of emphasis on each area varies among faculty members.

Summaries of faculty members' teaching and research interests can be found in their academic profiles below. Summaries of faculty members' areas of clinical expertise can be found on the Faculty and Staff pages of the Hospital for Large Animals and the Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals.

  • Ramon M. Almela
    Ramon M. Almela
    Assistant Professor
  • Agustina Anson Fernandez
    Agustina Anson Fernandez
    Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Trinita Barboza
    Trinita Barboza
    Assistant Professor, Zoological Companion Animal Medicine
  • Daniela Bedenice
    Daniela Bedenice
    Associate Professor, Residency Director, Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine
  • Jerold Bell
    Jerold Bell
    Adjunct Professor, Clinical Genetics
  • Alexia Berg
    Alexia Berg
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
  • R. John Berg
    R. John Berg
    Professor Emeritus
  • Cheryl Blaze
    Cheryl Blaze
    Hospital Director, Associate Professor Emerita
  • Stephanie Borns-Weil
    Stephanie Borns-Weil
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Animal Behavior
  • Kirstin Bubeck
    Kirstin Bubeck
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine
  • Emmanuelle Butty
    Emmanuelle Butty
    Urology/Nephrology Fellow, Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Katherine Chope
    Katherine Chope
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Lilian Cornejo
    Lilian Cornejo
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Suzanne Cunningham
    Suzanne Cunningham
    Associate Professor, Cardiology
  • Armelle M. de Laforcade
    Armelle M. de Laforcade
    Associate Professor, Emergency and Critical Care, Coagulation
  • Ian DeStefano
    Ian DeStefano
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
  • Dominik Faissler
    Dominik Faissler
    Associate Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Claire L. Fellman
    Claire L. Fellman
    Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine (Small Animal) / Clinical Pharmacology
  • Lisa Freeman
    Lisa Freeman
    Professor, Clinical Nutrition
  • José M. García-López
    José M. García-López
    Associate Professor Large Animal Surgery, Director of Equine Sports Medicine
  • Heather L. Gardner
    Heather L. Gardner
    Assistant Research Professor, Medical Oncology, Clinical Trials
  • Jennifer L. Grady
    Jennifer L. Grady
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Shelter Medicine
  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham
    Associate Professor, Director Zoological Companion Animal Medicine
  • Alisha M. Gruntman
    Alisha M. Gruntman
    Assistant Professor, Large Animal Internal Medicine
  • Thomas M. Jenei
    Thomas M. Jenei
    Clinical Associate Professor, Hospital Director, HLA, Large Animal Surgery
  • Alicia Z. Karas
    Alicia Z. Karas
    Assistant Professor, Animal Welfare
  • Emily Tompkins Karlin
    Emily Tompkins Karlin
    Assistant Professor, Cardiology
  • W. Michael Karlin
    W. Michael Karlin
    Assistant Professor
  • Carl A. Kirker-Head
    Carl A. Kirker-Head
    Professor, Marilyn M. Simpson Professor, Director, Orthopedic Research Laboratory
  • Michael P. Kowaleski
    Michael P. Kowaleski
  • Raymond K. Kudej
    Raymond K. Kudej
  • Mary Labato
    Mary Labato
    Clinical Professor
  • Deborah E. Linder
    Deborah E. Linder
    Research Assistant Professor
  • Cheryl London
    Cheryl London
    Research Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Anne Engen and Dusty Professorship in Comparative Oncology, Medical Oncology, Clinical Trials
  • Jennifer Mahoney
    Jennifer Mahoney
    Clinical Associate Professor, Medical Oncology
  • Orla Mahony
    Orla Mahony
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Sean B. Majoy
    Sean B. Majoy
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Ruth Marrion
    Ruth Marrion
    Teaching Affiliate, Ophthalmology
  • Elizabeth Martin
    Elizabeth Martin
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
  • Melissa Mazan
    Melissa Mazan
  • Robert McCarthy
    Robert McCarthy
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Emily McCobb
    Emily McCobb
    Clinical Associate Professor, Director, Shelter and Community Medicine, Assistant Director, Center for Animals and Public Policy
  • Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova
    Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Megan Kiely Mueller
    Megan Kiely Mueller
    Associate Professor, Elizabeth Arnold Stevens Junior Professor, Senior Fellow, Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, Co-Director Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction
  • Yuki Nakayama
    Yuki Nakayama
    Assistant Clinical Professor, Community Medicine
  • Elizabeth Parsley
    Elizabeth Parsley
    Assistant Professor, Neurology
  • April L. Paul
    April L. Paul
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Dominique G. Penninck
    Dominique G. Penninck
  • Alexandra Pfaff
    Alexandra Pfaff
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Stephanie A. Pumphrey
    Stephanie A. Pumphrey
    Assistant Professor
  • Rebecca Reader
    Rebecca Reader
    Assistant Professor
  • Virginia T. Rentko
    Virginia T. Rentko
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Elizabeth A. Rozanski
    Elizabeth A. Rozanski
    Associate Professor
  • John E. Rush
    John E. Rush
  • Amy F. Sato
    Amy F. Sato
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Leslie C. Sharkey
    Leslie C. Sharkey
    Professor, Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Mauricio Solano
    Mauricio Solano
    Assistant Professor
  • Michael S. Stone
    Michael S. Stone
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Wade A. Tenney
    Wade A. Tenney
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Clare Timothy
    Clare Timothy
    Pronouns: she/her/hers​, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Cynthia R. L. Webster
    Cynthia R. L. Webster
    Professor, Associate Chair of Research
  • Lois Wetmore
    Lois Wetmore
    Associate Professor
  • Gregory M. Wolfus
    Gregory M. Wolfus
    Clinical Associate Professor, Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic
  • Carrie A. Wood
    Carrie A. Wood
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology
  • Vicky K. Yang
    Vicky K. Yang
    Associate Professor