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COVID-19 Guidance: Guidance and operational updates for Cummings School and its veterinary teaching hospitals

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Pathology Research in the Department of Biomedical Sciences

Faculty members in the section of Pathology are involved in teaching, research and providing anatomic and clinical pathology support to the various clinics and organizations on and off campus.

Faculty are responsible for directing and teaching a substantial number of courses in the second-year curriculum, including Neuromuscular and Skeletal Pathobiology, Respiratory Pathobiology, Pathophysiology of the Urinary System, Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology, Reproductive Pathology and Clinical Pathology. In addition, fourth-year students spend time in the section learning how to perform a necropsy and reviewing principles of clinical pathology.

Faculty in the Pathology section provide a biopsy and necropsy service for the school and oversee a clinical pathology laboratory, responsible for performing routine diagnostic tests such as hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation tests and urinalysis for Cummings School patients and researchers. Visit the Histopathology Service page for more information.

Research activities in the section include studying infectious enteric diseases of pigs, the pathology of aging, cancer pathobiology, the effects of sex hormones on the development of cardiovascular disease in women and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.