REVEAL Program Travel Award Winners

The Residents' Enhanced Veterinary Education & Academic Learning (REVEAL) Program provides annual travel awards for residents. These awards help residents attend major human scientific meetings by helping to defray travel and registration costs.

  • Travel Awards

    Dr. Nicole Dowgos (Anesthesia):
    American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting

    Dr. Jessica Eisenbarth (Emergency/Critical Care):
    National Conference on Wilderness Medicine

    Dr. Savannah Giannasi (Neurology):
    American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting

    Dr. Katrina Manson (Emergency/Critical Care):
    Society of Intensive Care State of the Art Conference

  • Travel Awards

    Dr. Marisa Lourenco
    American Association for Respiratory Care Congress

    Dr. Jillian Minuto
    American Thoracic Society Conference

    Dr. Adam Shoelson
    Endocrine Society Endo 2021

  • Travel Awards

    Dr. Karah Burns DeMarle:
    American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

    Dr. Miranda Gallo:
    International Stroke Conference

    Dr. Elyzabeth Lemieux:
    Trauma and Critical Care Symposium